Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have Your Dog Show Some College Pride

How fun is this? Doggie Divas website has a whole collection of college clothes for your dog.  Check it out HERE and choose your school colors or at least the teams you cheer for.  Go Utes and Buffs!
University of Utah Dog Tee Shirt
University of Utah HERE

University of Colorado Sweatshirt

University of Colorado Boulder HERE

Monday, July 11, 2011

Handicap Dog's Wheelchair Stolen

Found this sad article with at least a happy ending on the For the Love of Dog Blog.

Jack's wheelchair was a godsend to him and his owner. (Photo credit: NBC 10 - Providence/New Bedford)
One month ago today I wrote about a handicapped dog whose wheelchair was stolen from his normally safe front lawn in a leafy Boston neighborhood, leaving him unable to move. Today I bring you news about a Rhode Island dog who had the rotten fate.
Jack, a lab-shepherd mix, lost the use of his back legs because of two herniated discs. The introduction of a doggy wheelchair three months ago changed his life. His owner, Marilyn Proulx, told NBC News 10 that the wheelchair was a godsend that gave Jack mobility. She said he was even able to run with it because he had strong front legs. He loved taking long walks. She said the chair made him whole.
But all that changed when someone stole the wheelchair from the side of Proulx’s house. Now walks involve Proulx hoisting his back end up with a sling. It’s taxing for woman and dog.
“I think mentally, emotionally, physically, it’s awful.  He can’t take walks anymore.  I have to help him in and out of the house with a sling,” Proulx said. “I just can’t imagine his living the rest of his life without being able to walk anymore.”
The good news is that Jack has an angel in the form of a dog wheelchair company watching out for him. I read under the NBC News 10 story a comment from Handicapped Pets, offering to donate a brand-new customized wheelchair to Jack. This is one great company. It did the same with the Boston dog whose wheelchair was stolen. (See update below.)
Jack was so happy when he had wheels. Here he is at a beach in Maine. (Photo credit: NBC 10 - Providence/New Bedford)
Here’s what Handicapped Pets wrote: “ would be happy to provide a replacement dog wheelchair for Jack at no charge…The Walkin Wheels is fully adjustable, so we can send it right out to Jack today – he can be back to his walking routine tomorrow.” I don’t see any indication about whether Proulx had gotten this amazing message yet, but I’m sure by the time you see this, word will have reached her.
A happy ending to a sad story. As I asked in the post about the Boston dog: Who would steal a dog’s wheelchair?!
Update 7/8/11: We just got word that a company called Eddie’s Wheels was hoping to donate one of their custom wheelchairs to Jack. (They said Jack had been using one of their custom-built wheelchairs already.) According to Eddie’s Wheels, before the company could contact Jack’s owner, someone donated their deceased dog’s wheelchair to Jack. “Serendipitously, it was just the right size and also neutral balanced,” reads an update on their website. So looks like there are plenty of generous and caring companies and individuals out there!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Free Giveaway


So you want to learn how to sing like your most favorite pop, indie, rock, folk, broadway, r&b star ,well here is your chance to actually learn something that will improve your singing voice. Win a FREE thirty minute voice lesson, a $60 value, with Leah Stone and you will be amazed at what you can learn in one lesson.  Lessons are done via Skype so you can live anywhere and win this contest.

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Good Luck and happy singing!

7/8/11 update: Congrats to Sophie Thomas for winning the free lesson. Thanks for playing.

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