Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Charlie on A Diet

So Charlie has been on a diet in hopes that he can shed a pound or two. (he has already lost half of a pound since August 1 so way to go).

Here is what I have done for Charlie so he sticks to his diet

1. No more table scraps (he still gets healthy human food as treats like carrots and sweet potatoes)

2. Feed him on a schedule

This has worked wonders for Charlie and my sanity. He now eats at 9 am and 6 pm. My vet said I can put a spoonful of sweet potatoes on top to help his GI track and keep all things moving and he loves the sweet potatoes. He actually will eat his dog food finally.

3. Exercise

He already gets a fair amount of exercise cause he goes everywhere with me and I try to walk lots of places, but I have kicked up his walking routine and try to get my butt out of bed at 7 am to walk him and our other dog Jack with my husband.

I guess diet and exercise really does work. I guess no cookie diets for me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back To School

I start up the Fall semester of Grad School today. I am taking 12 credits and working towards a degree in Arts Management and a certificate in PR and Marketing.

Charlie will be coming with me to school. I think he loves coming to school cause he just gets to lie there and sleep, but sometimes he gets bored and then he starts barking at me in class and then I get to take him outside and run him. On Mondays I will have 2 classes back to back from 4:30-10 so this will be interesting.

I think when I graduate, Charlie should wear a cap and gown too since he had to attend every class with me and he sat next to me during every homework assignment and comforted me during every test.

Here is Charlie enjoying class last year. Click on picture for full story.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great Store Highlight - lululemnon


Sometimes when I am out and about with Charlie I become a bit self conscious. Mostly because lots of people stare at us and whisper about us and sometimes just talk about us really loud, and this helps create my feelings of freakazoid-ism. So when a store goes above and beyond making sure I know that Charlie and I are welcome in their store, I am always so happy and I want to post about them on my blog.

Today we went to lululemon Athletica in Clarendon (Arlington), Virginia. This cute girl working there was so enthralled with Charlie and thought he was the coolest and cutest thing. She asked if it was okay to give him a dog treat and talked to me for a while about Charlie and I explained to her how he is a seizure-alert dog for my seizures and she was very professional and instantly I felt really comfortable in the store.

I know that when I need athletic apparel I will be going here, because she made Charlie and I feel welcome, and also because they have way cute clothes.

Check out there site....lululemon.com

Here are some of my favorites:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life&Story: Amazing Service Dog Highlight

I found this video of Ricochet, a trained service dog, who had to be released from the service dog program because of his love for chasing birds. He became a different type of service dog, a unique yet beneficial service to those he came in contact with.

Ricochet was trained to surf and helped those with disabilities raise money so they could receive necessary physical training.

This story is so great. You have to watch this video--the parts where Ricochet is surfing with the quadriplegic boy is so sweet--you will be amazed.

You can check out Ricochet at http://www.surfdogricochet.com/Welcome.htm

Maybe I should teach Charlie to surf. Too bad he hates the water.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Angry Day

Today was an angry day. Today reminded me why people can be frustrating and lots of people can be overwhelming. Charlie and I took the DC metro to meet Paul to go shopping at Costco, out to dinner and to the dog park. While rushing to get to the metro, I walked up to the front of the train and the metro doors were closing and I didn't make it in time. The train conductor was right there getting ready to drive the train and could obviously see me and Charlie and I said "Please sir it is hot down here, can you please open the doors?" and he said "No catch another train." and drove off. I had to wait about 10 minutes for the next train.

The reason this angers me so isn't so much for me, but for all my friends out there with disabilities that may be a bit more physically debilitated than I. This man had no idea my disability but it was obvious I had one as I had a dog assist me and he was so quick to slam the doors in my face. How often do those in wheelchairs or walkers or those using medical dogs get told tough luck and to try again? It can be very hard for those with disabilities to move around and for someone to not be willing to help them out just makes me sick.

Later, I was changing trains and was trying to get on the train and it was very crowded. I looked down a train car and saw a women in a wheelchair get bypassed as people crowded in front of her to make the train and she did not make the train because no one would make room for her. I didn't make this train either as everyone pushed in front of Charlie and I. What is wrong with people? Are they just too busy to see that maybe someone needs a little assistance?

Then at Costco the woman working the door told me I couldn't bring Charlie in the store and when I kindly told her that he was a service dog, she laughed at me and made a face, you know the "that is such a crock of crap" face. I kindly said "would you like to see some ID and it isn't nice to make faces at people and place judgments." That shut her up.

So that was mine and Charlie's day. Boo to stupid and overly important people.

Spotted: EmersonMade Dog Wallets

I love Emersonmade, if you don't know what I am talking about then click HERE to see the website.

Anyways she has these adorable Dog Wallets for sale and I want one.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sleep Walking Dog

You must watch this. I laughed so hard I woke up my husband who is asleep next to me. Poor little guy-I hope he caught it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Want a Super Dog Charlie Pants Button for Your blog?


option 1
1. Copy the HTML code in the left hand side scroll box
2)Next when you are on your blog's main page click "Customize" in the upper right hand corner. (This will take you to the "Layout" page.)
3)You should see the words "Add and Arrange Elements" in bold. Simply look for "Add A Gadget" (in blue letters) and click on it.
4)Next Scroll down until you see "HTML" and click to add html
paste html code in the box and hit the "Save" button.

option 2
1)First Right click on the button and Click "Save as" to save it onto your computer. (Remember where you put it, you will need this later)
2)Next when you are on your blog's main page click "Customize" in the upper right hand corner. (This will take you to the "Layout" page.)
3)You should see the words "Add and Arrange Elements" in bold. Simply look for "Add A Gadget" (in blue letters) and click on it.
4)Next Scroll down until you see "Picture" (it has a green tree next to it) and click on it.
5)Click the "Browse" button and go to the folder where you saved the image and select it.
6)In the link box add my address. www.superdogcharliepants.blogspot.com
7)Make Sure the "Shrink to fit" box is checked and then hit the "Save" button.
8)That's it, your done! Thank you so much for adding my button!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Charlie at the Wedding

Congrats Sam and Anna!
xoxo Charlie Pants

I am always amazed by how perfect Charlie acts in public. I realize he is really well trained, but I just figure that sometime he may get bored and just start acting really naughty. Thankfully not so for this wedding day. Charlie was the talk of the party, which is probably why he was so perfect.
LinkHere he is waiting for me while I sang, didn't his bowtie turn out great?

Here I am singing. I was fortunate and honored to sing 2 songs for the ceremony. "Something in the Way She Moves" by the fabulous James Taylor and "At Last" by Eva Cassidy.

Here I am writing out their card

And here Charlie is grabbing it to put it in their card basket.

Log Haven is where the reception and wedding took place and they gave Charlie this adorable dog bowl to drink out of during the reception. I thought that was so thoughtful and grand. Log Haven does a splendid summer offer called the "Dog Days of Summer"

Enjoy a hike in Millcreek Canyon with Fido and then stop in for dinner at Log Haven. Diners with well-behaved canine companions will be seated in Log Haven’s spectacular outdoor amphitheater, where they can order from Log Haven’s seasonal menu. A limited-time drink menu will be offered in honor of Dog Days and will include items such as Chateau Le Paws wine (from Rosenblum), the Sober Dover, the Melon Collie Mojito, and the Salty Chihuahua, a cocktail made from a special blend of grapefruit juice, Anejo Tequila and Agave nectar.

I think I want to try the Melon Collie Mojito and I am sure Charlie will get the Salty Chihuahua.

Lets all meet up and go to dinner before I head back to Virginia.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun Dog-friendly Getaways

For all my readers out there that love to bring their four-legged friend with them when they travel, here is a post, courtesy of Sunset Magazine, about dog-friendly vacation ideas. Sunset Magazine it a fabulous magazine for the West Coast of the US and I absolutely love it and believe anyone who lives in the West should have a subscription to it.

Let's pack up the car and head out. Where should Charlie and I go? I vote Carmel as that is where I want to move.

PS. Have a Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frosty Bones

I was at the grocery store and these were 50% off, so I think they came to like $2 for a box of 4, and I figured 'hey why not' and bought 2 boxes for the dogs to try out. I realize it says it is for Senior Dogs, but that is just cause they have glucosamine for their joints and other healthy things. They also make daily vitamin, odor control, organic, and healthy coat formulas.

Here is their website, and they have now changed their name to Freezy Bones instead of Frosty Bones, but it is the same company.

Needless to say, They Love Them.

Check out that tongue.

Here is what is inside the Senior Formula

Vitamins: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Calcium, Riboflavin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)


Purified water, natural chicken flavor, carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid, glucosamine hydrochloride (glucosamine), chondroitin sulfate (chondroitin), calcium sulfate (calcium), riboflavin, potassium sorbate (a preservative), sodium benzoate (a preservative).

Patient Charlie

I can not believe 2 things. First off, the color of this girls hair and how fuzzy and soft it feels (I seriously thought I was touching feathers) and two, how Charlie let her grab him by the head and shove his head in her lap. Alright Charlie for being extra patient.

I think he knew this little two year old meant business and just wanted to give him lots of love. He just laid there and let her manhandle him and love on him. It was really sweet.

They weren't smiling for the camera so I told them to say "Cheese".

So they both gave me a big smile.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Having a Great Time in Utah

Charlie and I are having such a fun time visiting family and friends back home. We have really missed the beauty of being in the mountains; the smell of the pine trees, the crisp mountain air, and the sound of nothing but water trickling and the wind around you.

I sang at my friend's wedding on Sunday. I will post a couple of photos of Charlie posing in his bow-tie once I get the pictures loaded on my computer (maybe later tonight or tomorrow).

We are here with my husband Paul and Jack, the 90 lb Doberman who is in training to be a service dog. Last night we met some fabulous people. First of all, I met two of the Brown sisters; Deondra and Desirae, from the 5 Browns, if you don't know who they are then you need to check them out. The 5 Browns are all siblings that play the piano together and they are like superheroes on the piano. Here is their website. I think I may have a little bit of a celebrity crush on Desirae, we hit it off really well as friends and I look forward to meeting her again. She was really fascinated by Charlie.

Charlie and I also met a very sweet family who has a daughter who has seizures. It was great to talk with them and inform them of all the ways a seizure dog may be helpful to her and the family. The dog could alert her before a seizure, protect her during, before and after a seizure, call and get help, be her constant friend and support, and about a thousand other things she may need or ever desire needing help with.

It is so fun and rewarding to be able to help others and spread the word of the greatness of seizure-alert service dogs. So please people--share the word of this blog so Charlie and I can keep helping others.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dog Dessert Plates

Wouldn't you like a set of these? I know I would. Sadly, I think they are discontinued. But nonetheless, I still love you West Elm.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mello Smellos

Charlie and I headed to Michael's Craft Store cause I needed to get some art supplies and as we were walking through the aisles Charlie stopped healing next to me and was enamored with some stickers. I kept telling him to come and he just wouldn't stop smelling them. I crouched down to see what was so important and laughed out loud as he was smelling a "Hot Dog Smellos" (remember those scratch and snif stickers, well I guess this is just a sniff sticker that smells like a hot dog).

Dogs will be Dogs.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Distraction at the Library

Today Charlie and I ventured out to run two errands: to return a couple books to the Vienna Library, and to buy some pizzas at Whole Foods. On Tuesday it is buy a pizza get a pizza FREE!
Getting ready to load up in the car. We have our reusable grocery bag so we are ready to hit the library and Whole Foods.
I love going to the library, especially on cloudy days. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing time where I could find a good book to read and curl up in the aisle while resting my back against the book shelf, but sadly my plan was foiled. When I arrived at the library I was amazed by the amount of kids. Apparently the entire first grade coalition was at the library. Charlie was just minding his own business when a herd of children came running up to pet him. I had to explain that he is a working dog and he can't be pet. Of course they started to ask a million questions, "what is a working dog?" "how is he working?" "what is a seizure?" I found these great books in the kids section to demonstrate to the kids what a working dog is. It turned into reading time with Charlie.

How fabulous is this. The library has books about working dogs in the kids section. I love, love, love this. What a great way to educate the kiddos.
Here is the section on Epilepsy/Seizure Alert Dogs.

After I found the one book, all the kids wanted to help find more. They in turn found us several more to read.

A kiss for his new reading friend.

I had to give a little education lesson on how to approach a dog, especially a working dog and how important it is to come down to a dog's level and to not try to stand over them and try to pet their head. So the library turned into quite the educational experience for several kids. I am not really sure where any of their parents were? Interesting.
After the library we headed to Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods. I love to just walk around and look at the sunflowers and other flowers and all the healthy food. The people at Whole Foods are always so great to Charlie and me when we come shopping. I have seen another working dog here several times. He is a yellow lab seeing-eye dog and is adorable. I will grab a photo next time.