Friday, August 20, 2010

Angry Day

Today was an angry day. Today reminded me why people can be frustrating and lots of people can be overwhelming. Charlie and I took the DC metro to meet Paul to go shopping at Costco, out to dinner and to the dog park. While rushing to get to the metro, I walked up to the front of the train and the metro doors were closing and I didn't make it in time. The train conductor was right there getting ready to drive the train and could obviously see me and Charlie and I said "Please sir it is hot down here, can you please open the doors?" and he said "No catch another train." and drove off. I had to wait about 10 minutes for the next train.

The reason this angers me so isn't so much for me, but for all my friends out there with disabilities that may be a bit more physically debilitated than I. This man had no idea my disability but it was obvious I had one as I had a dog assist me and he was so quick to slam the doors in my face. How often do those in wheelchairs or walkers or those using medical dogs get told tough luck and to try again? It can be very hard for those with disabilities to move around and for someone to not be willing to help them out just makes me sick.

Later, I was changing trains and was trying to get on the train and it was very crowded. I looked down a train car and saw a women in a wheelchair get bypassed as people crowded in front of her to make the train and she did not make the train because no one would make room for her. I didn't make this train either as everyone pushed in front of Charlie and I. What is wrong with people? Are they just too busy to see that maybe someone needs a little assistance?

Then at Costco the woman working the door told me I couldn't bring Charlie in the store and when I kindly told her that he was a service dog, she laughed at me and made a face, you know the "that is such a crock of crap" face. I kindly said "would you like to see some ID and it isn't nice to make faces at people and place judgments." That shut her up.

So that was mine and Charlie's day. Boo to stupid and overly important people.

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