Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Distraction at the Library

Today Charlie and I ventured out to run two errands: to return a couple books to the Vienna Library, and to buy some pizzas at Whole Foods. On Tuesday it is buy a pizza get a pizza FREE!
Getting ready to load up in the car. We have our reusable grocery bag so we are ready to hit the library and Whole Foods.
I love going to the library, especially on cloudy days. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing time where I could find a good book to read and curl up in the aisle while resting my back against the book shelf, but sadly my plan was foiled. When I arrived at the library I was amazed by the amount of kids. Apparently the entire first grade coalition was at the library. Charlie was just minding his own business when a herd of children came running up to pet him. I had to explain that he is a working dog and he can't be pet. Of course they started to ask a million questions, "what is a working dog?" "how is he working?" "what is a seizure?" I found these great books in the kids section to demonstrate to the kids what a working dog is. It turned into reading time with Charlie.

How fabulous is this. The library has books about working dogs in the kids section. I love, love, love this. What a great way to educate the kiddos.
Here is the section on Epilepsy/Seizure Alert Dogs.

After I found the one book, all the kids wanted to help find more. They in turn found us several more to read.

A kiss for his new reading friend.

I had to give a little education lesson on how to approach a dog, especially a working dog and how important it is to come down to a dog's level and to not try to stand over them and try to pet their head. So the library turned into quite the educational experience for several kids. I am not really sure where any of their parents were? Interesting.
After the library we headed to Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods. I love to just walk around and look at the sunflowers and other flowers and all the healthy food. The people at Whole Foods are always so great to Charlie and me when we come shopping. I have seen another working dog here several times. He is a yellow lab seeing-eye dog and is adorable. I will grab a photo next time.

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