Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great Store Highlight - lululemnon


Sometimes when I am out and about with Charlie I become a bit self conscious. Mostly because lots of people stare at us and whisper about us and sometimes just talk about us really loud, and this helps create my feelings of freakazoid-ism. So when a store goes above and beyond making sure I know that Charlie and I are welcome in their store, I am always so happy and I want to post about them on my blog.

Today we went to lululemon Athletica in Clarendon (Arlington), Virginia. This cute girl working there was so enthralled with Charlie and thought he was the coolest and cutest thing. She asked if it was okay to give him a dog treat and talked to me for a while about Charlie and I explained to her how he is a seizure-alert dog for my seizures and she was very professional and instantly I felt really comfortable in the store.

I know that when I need athletic apparel I will be going here, because she made Charlie and I feel welcome, and also because they have way cute clothes.

Check out there

Here are some of my favorites:

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Phillip said...

Hello Leah and Charlie,

We love dogs at lululemon! Be sure and stop in anytime your walking by the store so Charlie can get a treat!

Me and the rest of the team at lululemon look forward to meeting you and Charlie!

See you soon,