Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Are Going to Put that Thermometer Where?


Today my mom took me and my little bro Jack to the vet cause we are getting ready to fly back home to Utah and need all our vaccines current before we go. I hate the vet. They think that I can't hear them when they talk about my weight and how I have gained yet another pound. (Honestly what is the big deal?) And don't they know it is rude to discuss someone's weight right in front of them? Doc, I saw you click the overweight box on my form, how would you like it if I told you that you needed to drop about 20 lbs? I think I look good and my mom doesn't know it but I love to steal her food when she isn't looking, which is why she tries so hard to help me lose weight and I keep staying round.

And let me say that it is impolite to put long metal tipped things up one's bum. It is uncomfortable and cold. So please don't ever make me go through that again. Overall, I am healthy, and now all my vaccines are current. Man did it cost my mom a ton of money. I think PetsMart may be overpriced, but what do I know right?

Is this the face of someone having a good time?

Jack and me waiting our fate.

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