Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bikes and Dogs blogged about how the dog lover/ bike lover uses the bike to tote around their best friend. Charlie and I made the post.
Posted on Jun 16, 2011
While it has traditionally been posed that the dog is man’s best friend, we know many of you also reserve that honor for your two-wheeled companion—your bicycle. Like a good dog, a good bicycle is quiet, a provider of comfort during rough times, and easy on your carpet. But for those who have both a special canine and a special bicycle in their life, a common dilemma is how to give both of them attention at the same time. We’ve experimented with this extensively at the office; here’s what we’ve learned.
There are a number of ways to include your dog in a bike ride, whether it’s for utilitarian or recreational reasons. It’s possible to tote small, well-behaved dogs in a basket or a messenger bag. One of our Twitter followers, Zak, sent us this photo of his dog riding in his rear bike basket. Another follower, P.J., has a photo of his adorable pup riding in a front bike basket set as his profile image. PFB supporter Timbuk2 even makes a backpack designed to carry dogs called the Muttmover.

PFB dog Churro liked riding in a basket as a puppy.

Angela won a PFB messenger bag and used it for her Yorkie.

For larger canines or for those who can’t be trusted to sit contentedly in an open basket, you can use a bike trailer like a Chariot or a Burley. Again, there are dog-specific options on the market—the Tail Wagon and the Croozer Dog are two examples. These enclosed trailers keep frisky dogs safe while you’re biking and can haul larger mutts (and groceries too!).

PFB dogs Sadie and Ryleigh getting ready for a spin in Denver.

After PFB dog Churro outgrew his basket, he moved to a Burley Tail Wagon.

Cargo bikes are another option. There are bakfiets for carrying children by bike; why not “barkfiets” for dogs? Blogger Leah Stone carries her therapy dog, Charlie, in a Madsen cargo bike. Below, PFB dog Wylie tries to hitch a ride in our office cargo bike.

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Dean LC Guy said...

Oh, my god! Dog in a basket! That is just sooooo cute! Do you do this or do you carry Charlie in a bag or a pack, Leah?


Layne Adams said...

Pet bike basket keep your pet's weight centered over your bike to minimize any awkwardness. You should also practice riding with the carrier installed before you place your best friend in there. Practice with some weight in the carrier approximately equivalent to your dog's weight to get used to the feel. Your dog's movement in the carrier should have a minimal impact on your riding.

Dog Bike Carrier said...

That is cute dog in the basket.