Friday, July 30, 2010

Flying with Charlie

For the most part flying with Charlie is fairly easy. Most of the time the airport employees take the time to notice his bright red vest with "I am a Service Dog" patches on it and so they understand that he is a working dog and not a pet. Because Charlie is a service dog, he gets to fly on the airplane with me at my feet and he doesn't have to ride in a little dog bag. Most of the time he charms the hearts of the flight attendants and they bring him peanuts and water.

Once while flying from DC to Salt Lake City, my flight was severely delayed and Charlie desperately had to go to the bathroom. I didn't have time to go back outside past the security and then back through security. The ramp attendant for Delta was so helpful and he took Charlie and me down onto the tarmac so Charlie could do his business. The frustrating part was that Charlie didn't know what to do cause there was no grass around. Eventually he figured it out.  Dulles has a dog potty station in the airport. Check it out.

Charlie and I have flown on many different airlines. Jet Blue and Southwest have been the best and United Airlines the worst (read my United flying story frustration). I fly Delta a lot and they are always great too. Read my raving review about flying Southwest with Charlie.

We have flown together to DC, Portland, Chicago, Reno, Long Beach, LA, Salt Lake City, and New York. Here are a couple of great pics from some of our trips together.

The Grand Canyon

My friend Jo and Charlie in Portland, OR

Disneyland-Charlie hated Jesse

Chicago --- I rented a bike in Chicago to see the sights, but I had Charlie with me so I used the pashmina scarf I had and made a sling to carry him in. He absolutely loved it.

Charlie is the best traveling buddy. I will post more images of our trips and adventures.

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Sheryl said...

What a great site. Thank you for documenting your life with your Super Dog Charlie Pants. How lucky you both are to have each other. I have travelled internationally with my beloved dogs and wish I could get my dog certified a Service Dog as she supports me in a million ways and I need to take her from US to China - such an awful trip in the hold. Had to leave her in US when I went to S Africa and China last year because at 14 I wasnt sure she would make those multi stops and long flights. Thanks for your delightful blog, blessings to your delightful family of hubby & furry kids.