Monday, November 21, 2011

I Love Flying Southwest Airlines


Last week I went home to visit the fam in good ol' Salt Lake City, Utah, or as some refer to it, the promised land:) I really get nervous to fly with Charlie without Paul around because

1. It is more difficult.  Especially going to the bathroom. Dragging in a dog and luggage into any itty bitty toilet stall cause the handicapped ones are never available (frowny face to those that steal them) is never fun and I am pretty sure Charlie ends up getting his face smashed either against the toilet as we enter or the door as we exit.

2. People are rude to me when Paul isn't around.  I mean my husband is wickedly sexy and strong (ish) looking, but for some reason no one bugs me when he is around.  I think it is cause he has a shaved head.  Everyone must think he is some skin headed freak who will hurt at any bad comment my way. Works for me.

3. I usually have to argue with the ramp agent for the bulk head seat so I end up at the back of the plane which is a disaster (thank you United Airlines for sucking so bad. PS. I will never fly with you again cause you lack customer service and human skills)

4. I end up sitting next to weirdos that make me feel like I have leprosy instead of seizures.

This time was different.  First of all, they checked my bag for free so I didn't have to deal with that which made 1. Going to the bathroom, much easier. Additionally, Southwest ticket check-in woman called the ramp agent to let her know I was coming and so they saved me a seat in the very front of the plane (literally saved it with tape over the seat and a sign that read DO NOT OCCUPY) so that Charlie would have room on the floor in front of me.  And they gave me a blue pre-board ticket so I could get on the plane first. Fixing problem number 3.  And number 4 was just pure luck.  I sat next to a charming man named Jesse who found Charlie to be amazing and he didn't spill coffee on me or reek of cigarettes like the guy I sat next to the last time I flew.  Plus Jesse is related to the talented blogger Nie Nie who I read regularly and you should too.

I highly recommend flying Southwest if you travel with a service dog.  I mean 5 stars, two-thumbs up, get it while it is hot kind of review.

Thanks Southwest for being one of the only airlines with customer service.

Below I have posted some additional stories about me flying with Charlie.

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