Friday, October 1, 2010

Going to School via Scooter

(imagination this scooter red instead of green and you have my scooter. I have all the same nifty features, the windshield and the same cargo box.)

So I found out that I can park my scooter for free on campus if I park it at the bike lock. This is exciting news since a parking pass at school is

1. insanely expensive
2. Not helpful cause all the parking spaces are always taken and way far away from class

So I have been taking my Honda Metropolitan Scooter to school, about a 20 min ride, and yes, Charlie comes too and loves, loves, loves it.

He knows when we are going on the scooter cause when I pull out his dog carrier bag he follows me around the house until I put the bag down for him to get inside. Charlie just climbs on in and lays down--I don't have to force him inside.

I put this on my back, climb on the scooter, put my backpack between my legs and Zoom! off we go.

Yesterday we got caught in a torrential down pour to and from school, so that was a bit awesome.
Have a Great Weekend!

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