Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Charlie and I Went and Saw "Unknown"

Because of mine and Paul's jobs we don't get to go on dates in the evenings or on the weekends so today he took the morning off and I didn't have teach until 2:30 and we went an saw the movie Unknown.  Think Bourne Identity meets TakenUnknown stars Liam Neeson, January Jones and Diane Kruger.

I really liked the movie.  There were a lot of twists and turns in the movie and I was captivated the whole time.  Plus, I really like Liam Neeson he is a fabulous actor.

I am also pretty sure that Charlie enjoyed the movie too.  He just laid in my lap wrapped in his blanket.  I am always amazed how good Charlie is when we go out in public.  I always think the loud noises in movies will freak him out, but they never do.  When he was little and in training we took him to go see Star Wars and when Darth Vader came on the screen Charlie jumped up and barked really loudly at the screen.  That was his only movie outburst.  I guess he could just feel his dark side or something.

So if you are thinking of going to a movie this weekend I would highly recommend Unknown, especially if you are lover of intense movies.  I also saw Just Go With It last Saturday. Charlie was my date for this movie.  It was cute.  I am not sure if it is worth the expensive date night ticket price, but I do think it is worth seeing.

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