Monday, February 7, 2011

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Doctor's Service Dog Taken Away by Canine Companions for Independence

(Pic:) - CEO of Canine Companions for Independence Corey Hudson. Mr. Hudson is also the North America President of Assistants Dogs International. Mr. Hudson ordered the wrongful repossession of a service dog from Dr. Gael Yonnet.

Salt Lake City, Utah - Dr. Gael Yonnet was severely injured in a snow boarding accident that left him paralyzed. Dr. Yonnet sought the independence that a service dog could give him and he applied for a service dog with Canine Companions for Independence. He was partnered with Elon.

Dr. Yonnet is a very active individual and he enjoys going on trails in the Rocky Mountains with Elon after long days working in a hospital.

Dr. Yonnet's service dog was taken from him a week ago by Canine Companions for Independence because Elon was not on a leash in examine rooms or on trails in the Rockies. All the time Elon stayed by Dr. Yonnet's side.

Corey Hudson nor has any person from Canine Companions for Independence returned phone calls to Dr. Yonnet or his thousands of supporters. Dr. Yonnet wants Elon back working for him.

To sign the petition to return Elon to Dr. Yonnet click the link below:
Return Elon to his Home with Gael

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Return Service Dog "Elon" to Dr. Yonnet

Return Service Dog "Elon" to Dr. Yonnet

New Update on February 25, 2011
Dr. Yonnet was denied the return of his dog Elon.  Click HERE to read the article and  letter sent to Yonnet, from CCI.  After reading this letter I can see reasons why CCI would be concerned about Elon.  I am not a fan of shock collars to get dogs to obey.  Additionally,  in the letter is says that...

Despite my conclusion that CCI staff had good reason to seek the return of Elon, based on statements in your written appeal indicating that you were willing to work with CCI staff to address CCI’s concerns and make the placement of Elon successful, I decided that it would be helpful to meet with you so I could determine personally whether there was a way to make the placement successful. On Friday February 18, 2011 I called you in the morning to offer to meet directly with you here in Santa Rosa at the CCI Campus with me and the CCI managers responsible for Elon. I suggested we could utilize a facilitator to attempt to understand each other’s position on the issue of managing your working relationship with Elon. I further offered to have CCI pay your travel expense and stay at the Schulz Campus dormitory. In that conversation, you declined to meet with me or anyone from CCI saying that you had told a CCI staff member that you would create a “public relations nightmare” for CCI and that now you were going to continue to do just that. Similarly, you said you would “destroy CCI” and that you would “bury CCI.” You further stated that you had no respect or trust for CCI’s staff and that you had told a CCI staff person you would bring a “reign of terror” to CCI.

This is a very unfortunate situation.  I am a big believer in mediation and believe that it may have been a way to help resolve this situation.  Dr. Yonnet I am sorry for your loss.  Don't stop fighting.

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