Friday, March 23, 2012

Charlie Goes to The Hunger Games

My awesome cousin and her husband scored us some tickets to the premiere of The Hunger Games yesterday evening! It was a real treat, Charlie even had his own reserved seat and was the talk of the crowd.

I really loved the books and found the movie to have been done fabulously. Great cinematography, although the beginning camera angles made me a bit motion sick, and superb acting. I now have a girl crush on Katniss.

At the premiere we got a giant chocolate covered pretzel, $10 worth of free concessions, and a hunger games pin. It was a really fun night. I think the producer of the movie did a great job of making what could have been a really violent movie not as bad as could have been. I don't think young kids should go but if your tween or teenager has already read the books they will know what they are getting themselves in for. I believe it could be a perfect platform for opening dialogue about teen violence and bullying and why it should never happen.

Go see the movie, have a great weekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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