Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Friends As an Adult

I wonder "How do adult women make friends if they are not in school and don't have babies?"

I am in a weird spot in my life.  I am 29 years old (creeping close to 30), married, no kiddos, own my own business so I don't meet work buddies, and I am looking for friends.  I don't really want to hang with all my young single friends cause they want to go to bars and pick up on men or women which I am over that stage and think Paul would be a bit ticked if I brought home someone I met at a bar :)

All my married friends have found a new friend and it is called an adorable bundle of soft skinned baby and sadly I have been dropped by the wayside.  And I admit, I don't really want to talk to them on the phone about how cute their baby is or how their baby pooped or peed or cried and it isn't cause I don't care, cause I get it that that is their life now, it is because I can't relate.  I have lost many a friends to the baby world and I can not wait to join them, but sadly my time has not come yet.

Plus I am an entrepreneur (I own a music teaching studio) and have a weird business schedule and most of my time to go and play is between the hours of 9 am-2 pm on weekdays or most weekends as Paul is busy working the real estate world.  So I ask dears friends who do you know that

1. Lives in Colorado in the North Denver/Boulder area
2. Is in a relationship so she doesn't want to go pick up on dates
3. Doesn't currently have any children although isn't opposed to having them in the future
3. Loves to be outdoors
4. Maybe owns a dog and wants to go hiking, biking, etc with Charlie, Jack and I
5. Can hang out during the day
6. Maybe prefers long walks on the beach, tickling etc although those are not requirements :)

I have seen a girl in my neighborhood that seems great and although we laugh and joke when we run into each other, I can't seem to get her to commit to do anything.  I feel like I am dating all over again.  Should I buy her flowers, maybe chocolate?

So dear readers I want to know if you can help me find some friends or at least let me know your thoughts on the matter.  Have a great Monday.

xoxo Leah and Charlie


Becky said...

I am going through the same thing but I'm a little older than you (mid-late 30s!) Are there any Meetup groups in your area where you could meet women your age?

Leah Stone said...

Becky, I joined a meetup group for Rugby (not sure what I was thinking) already experienced a bloody nose and concussion, but I really like the girls. I need to try a different meet up. What have you done?

Becky said...

There are a few different womens' groups in my area that I've tried that go to chick flicks, lunches and brunches, and different activities (in Phoenix area). One of the groups seems a little young for me (some of those girls are single and into bars, etc.) but there are a couple of other groups that have older members but have more married/committed women in them. Guess I need to put myself "out there" more to meet new people but not in that way, I already have a boyfriend. :)