Monday, January 30, 2012

Charlie's Clues: Dog Teeth Cleaning

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A couple of weeks ago I decided that Charlie needed to get his nasty teeth cleaned.  His breath was killing me and he hadn't had his teeth expertly cleaned in several years.  I was leery of having him put under anesthesia to get his teeth cleaned and not to mention it is quite costly ($250-300).  I heard about the Well Animal Institute here in Denver, Colorado that offers anesthesia-free pet teeth cleaning for only $150-165.

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Why choose anesthesia-free dental cleaning for your pet?
The SAFER Option : Zero anesthesia or other drugs used means safety from potentially harmful side effects and recovery times of commonly used drugs.
The AFFORDABLE Option : Runs approximately $165.00 per pet.
The HEALTHY Option : The same perfectly cleaned and polished teeth you’d expect from any cleaning, to assure improved breath and long term health.

Is your pet exhibiting signs of dental disease?
Bad breath
Yellow/brown plaque on the teeth or near the gum line
Red and swollen gums
Pain or bleeding when your pet eats or the gums are touched
Loose or missing teeth
Pawing at the mouth

We decided to give it a try (well honestly Charlie had no decision in the matter).  

This is how it went down.
We went to the vet that was hosting the Well Animals Institute teeth cleaning clinic and Cindy, one of the owners, took Charlie into a room just off of the waiting room.  I was advised not to be in the room because the dogs do better when their owner isn't in the room watching, but I was allowed to observe through the door window.  Cindy wrapped Charlie up tightly in a blanket (I completely forgot to take pictures but you can see how it is done via the video on the bottom of the blog), but it looks like this.
The tight blanket was to help Charlie feel safe and secure and so he couldn't wiggle around.  Then she talked to him all soothing like and stroked his face and mouth and just started cleaning his teeth...and he let her. I was shocked.  She used a regular looking dental tooth scraper.  It was amazing and only took about 20-25 minutes.  Charlie came out of the room a new man with sparkling teeth. Check them out.  I highly recommend you try anesthestia-free teeth cleaning for your dog or cat.
Watch this video on how the anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is done.

BEFORE                                                                                    AFTER

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Robertsoncoyd said...

Animals has a yellow teeth. Dogs has most yellow teeth, the reason of this is bad breath or the food which they eat like eggs. If you have a dog and his teeth is yellow than you have to go to the dentist who helps you to clean his teeth.

Tooth Fairy

Rachel said...

Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases for cats and dogs. We often forget the importance of our animals dental health and how it can directly affect the state of their overall health. Thank you for the post!