Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dog Yoga (DOGA) part 2

After I posted yesterday's article about Doga (yoga with your dog) I found this other great article and had to post it as well.

Downward-facing dogs for upwardly-mobile pets: How 'Doga' (that's yoga for your pooch) became a hot New York trend

By Hannah Rand

Last updated at 8:02 AM on 11th January 2012

Forget fetching a stick, the hottest new way to exercise with your pampered pooch is dog yoga.

'Doga', which is said to appeal to your pet’s natural instinct to stretch, has become a new fad among New York dog-owners who believe it creates a unique bonding experience.

Classes involve stretching, massage and even chanting – at a pitch the dogs can mimic.
Ruff relaxation: Dogs enjoy stretching, massage and even chanting in the classes but the real benefit for the animals is the one-on-one time with their owner
Ruff relaxation: 'Doga', or yoga for dogs, is said to appeal to your pet's natural instinct to stretch, and has become a hot trend in New York

Suzi Teitelman has been teaching doga in New York and Jacksonville, Florida, since 2002. 

She started the classes after noticing that her cocker spaniel Coali liked to lie beneath her when she practised traditional yoga at home.

She told MailOnline: 'Just as dogs pick up anxiety and negativity, they benefit from being a calm, happy environment with their owners.

'The owners often say that they've never see their pet so relaxed.'

The animals take part in the classes either by acting as weights to help balance their owners or by doing some of the moves themselves.

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