Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Wag: Portlandia & Other Goodies

Happy Friday friends. I hope everyone has fun plans for today and this upcoming weekend.  Currently I am lounging in my PJ's in my family room and staring out the window watching snow fall at a sharp diagonal and almost horizontal angle.   I hope this won't continue all day.

CP (Charlie Pants) and I are going to meet up with a friend at good ol' Starbucks in a little bit and then head over to the gym to do a little Body Pump.  I took CP to the gym yesterday and he was really great while I took a class until the very end when we were doing crunches and stretching. He got up and decided it was the perfect opportunity to lick my and nearby neighbors'  faces.  It was quite comical.  Thank goodness everyone loves him or else his stinky breath could have been detrimental to their endorphin educing experience.

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 can you see his face poking out from under the blanket?
 Crap Iphone picture. He crawled into my lap while stretching. Can you spot him curled up between my legs?

Anyways, we wanted to share some lovelies from around the web for you to enjoy while you are at work or at home.

Curious to know some tips on ways to talk to someone in a wheelchair?  Check this inspirational story posted yesterday on attitude.

Boulder Co Daily Camera article on Training and Play for old Soul Dogs

Fun dog wallpaper. I am a fan of the beige one with the dog silhouettes.

Fantastic wine for dog lovers. Donates to dog causes like human society, shelters, rescues, and working dogs.

Cute dog business cards here and here.  I made one for Charlie's Blog

Dog park episode from Portlandia. Do you watch this show?  So funny.
(Whose dog is that with the lips that are falling off? most favorite line.)

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