Monday, February 6, 2012

Charlie's Clues: Service Dogs in Las Vegas

As promised from before I thought I would share some tips on traveling to Las Vegas with a service dog.

1. Talk with hotel when you book your room and let them know you are traveling with a service dog so there will be no surprises when you arrive. (When you stay at a hotel with a service dog should not be charged any sort of pet deposit or pet fee and if they try tell them that is against the ADA).

2. Be prepared for a lot of people and crowds.  I chose to only go out with Charlie during the day and early part of the evening because Vegas just gets too crowded at night.  It is possible to go out with your working dog at night just remember to always be between people and your dog, meaning walk next to a wall if possible and have your dog skimming the wall so that people wont step on him or bump into him and so he doesn't solicit attention from people.

3.  I would say for the most part the hotels & casinos seem to be well versed in ADA and service dog laws so I didn't seem to run into too many problems.  Be prepared with an ID for your working dog just in case and make sure he/she is always wearing his/her working vest.

I just wanted to thank Glenn, a manager from the New York, New York hotel, who saw Charlie and me at the casino and through a great conversation and his interest in Charlie's abilities he bought me and my friend Tracy lunch at any restaurant at the hotel.  We chose Gonzalez Y Gonzalez, a mexican restaurant, and the food and service was terrific.  
I highly recommend the fresh guacamole made at your table. Tracy, Charlie, and I had a fabulous time and truly appreciate Glenn's generous hospitality. Next time I go back to Vegas I will most definitely be staying at the New York, New York hotel.
 CP wanted nothing to do with my fancy drink, but here he is on the floor of Gonzalez Y Gonzalez.

I will say that if you are traveling with a service dog to Las Vegas the New York, New York hotel seems to be an ideal place to stay.  The staff was extremely welcoming and friendly to Charlie and me.  4 stars and two paws up rating from Charlie Pants.

Interesting hotel carpets at the Tropicana hotel.  CP lays like this when he is bored. Punk.

Pictures of us in Vegas here, here, and here

PS. have you been on the New York New York roller coaster. Amazing! Don't worry Charlie did not go on it :)

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