Monday, February 13, 2012

Charlie's Clues: How to Make a Dog Sleeping Bag

Today's Charlie's Clues includes a fun DIY project, a dog sleeping bag.  Since Charlie is a service dog and goes with me everywhere I have to bring a blanket for him with me for 2 reasons.

1.  The dog training organization said it is important to bring a blanket to a place of business such as a restaurant so that the dog hair stays contained on your mat and you bring the dog hair with you when you leave the business.

2. Charlie doesn't have an undercoat so he is always freezing.

Charlie loves my puffy coat and like to crawl inside and I had a genius idea, what if Charlie had his own sleeping bag to crawl into when we go places.

I found this children's coat size XL at Old Navy for only $10 (good time to buy as all coats are on clearance right now).  I imagine using a puffy vest would even be more genius.

First I turned the coat inside out and sewed the bottom shut like so

Then I sewed the arms shut about one to two inches off of the seem where the sleeve meets the body of the coat

Cut off the left over sleeve

Flipped it right side out and Voila!

Charlie's new Dog Sleeping Bag.  I decided to keep the hood on so Charlie can lay his sweet little head on it.

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Robin said...

What a great idea! My dachshunds would love this!

Abbott Daimler said...

This is genius! I was looking all over for diy dog sleeping bag ideas and this is by far the best. Going to get a really warm coat and make one for our dog to use when we're backpacking. Thanks!

Romilda Gareth said...